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  • How to Store a Linux Command as a Variable in Shell Script
  • This is why Leading Linux Distros going to remove Chromium from their Official Repositories
  • How to use whiptail to create more user-friendly interactive scripts
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  • Raspberry Foundation Release Their Own Silicon, the Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Advanced Git Tutorial
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  • Ransomware Attackers Try Publishing 4,000 Scottish Government Agency Files
  • New Site Extracts and Posts Every Face from Parler's Capitol Hill Insurrection Videos
  • US Treasury Nominee Yellen Wants to Encourage Cryptocurrencies -- 'For Legitimate Activities'
  • Are We Slowing Global Warming?
  • GitHub Reverses Takedown of Code for Anime Torrent Site Despite Film Group's DMCA
  • Why AWS Is Forking Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • SpaceX Re-Schedules Record-Breaking Launch With 143 Satellites to Sunday
  • Chrome 88 Released, Removing Adobe Flash -- and FTP
  • How Law Enforcement Gets Around Your Smartphone's Encryption
  • Report Finds Extremists Did Use Facebook to Plan Capitol Attack
  • Are Experts Underselling the Effectiveness of Covid-19 Vaccines?
  • How DNSpooq Attacks Could Poison DNS Cache Records
  • Facebook Refers Its Trump Ban To Its 'Supreme Court'
  • Electric Vehicles Close To 'Tipping Point' of Mass Adoption
  • Brad Cox, Creator of Objective-C Programming Language, Dies At 76
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