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  • How to Change UUID of Partition in Linux Filesystem
  • Echo Command in Linux with Examples
  • How to Monitor Apache (httpd) Web Server Performance In Linux?
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  • An introduction to the vi editor
  • How to Delete Lines from a File Using sed Command?
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  • Amazon, Microsoft Are 'Putting World At Risk of Killer AI,' Says Study
  • Backdoor Code Found In 11 Ruby Libraries
  • Researchers Are Creepily Close To Predicting When You're Going To Die
  • Splunk To Buy Cloud-Monitoring Software Maker SignalFx For $1.05 Billion
  • Google Postpones Shutdown of Hangouts For G Suite Users
  • California High School In Silicon Valley Is Locking Up Students' Cellphones
  • Waymo Releases a Self-Driving Open Data Set For Free Use By Research Community
  • DoorDash Still Pockets Workers' Tips Almost a Month After It Promised To Stop
  • Google DeepMind Co-Founder Placed On Leave From AI Lab
  • Moscow's Blockchain Voting System Cracked a Month Before Election
  • Flaws in Cellphone Evidence Prompt Review of 10,000 Verdicts in Denmark
  • Intel, Google, Microsoft, and Others Launch Confidential Computing Consortium for Data Security
  • Ask Slashdot: Should Microsoft Make an Xbox Phone?
  • Researcher Publishes Second Steam Zero Day After Getting Banned on Valve's Bug Bounty Program
  • Microsoft Contractors Listened To Xbox Owners in Their Homes
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